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„Every small detail“   EDK: Which challenges do the vending machines pose in comparison to your
 – an interview with Marion Eichmann  collages?

          ME: A new degree of realism enters my work that wasn’t there before. For my
 Erika Davis-Klemm  collages and drawings I use various techniques that lead to a kind of abstract
          translation of space onto a plane.  For my vending machines I reconstruct for
          example the coin slots out of paper as a 1:1 copy. In that sense it is something
          completely different, although I am using the same material.

          EDK: Paying with cash nowadays has something almost rebellious about it.
          You can buy something without data being collected, which happens when you
          purchase something online or pay with a credit card. In the past few years the
          idea of getting rid of cash completely has been seriously discussed.

          ME: I think I kind of live in a parallel world, because I always get migraines from
          looking at screens. I even let a bank employee take care of my bank transac-
          tions so that I don’t have to look at one. It is rather unfortunate. If it were
          otherwise, I might deal with these things much more. It would certainly have
          an influence on my work. I probably won’t be able to avoid it much longer …

          EDK: At the same time surveillance cameras are popping up everywhere, like
          the ones placed next to your cash machine in the exhibition …

          ME: Yes, surveillance cameras are part of our daily lives. No matter where you
          are, they are everywhere. Because I am always integrating what I see around
          me into my work, the cameras are part of my work – as well as objects like
          emergency buttons or the signs for gas lines or water valves.

          EDK: You are constantly observing your surroundings – that is something that
          characterizes your work. You even make the grafiiti and stickers on your ven-
          ding machines out of paper. Do you make any of those up?

          ME: No, neither the graffiti nor the stickers on my works. They are a part
          of our time. It happens more often that I leave something out. I see them
          as part of the act – they blend in with their environment, placed somewhere
          by someone intentionally, like on my condom vending machine “Billy Boy” with
          the sticker “Fuck off Google”.

          EDK: There still are numerous vending machines around – such as those for
          beverages at airports and train stations or for stamping tickets at train plat-
          forms. At the same time, they seem kind of old fashioned. Nowadays you don’t
          necessarily have a printed ticket for a train trip. You have instead a pdf-file of
          your ticket on your smartphone.

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