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„Every small detail“
          – an interview with Marion Eichmann

          Erika Davis-Klemm

          Marion Eichmann’s material of choice is – and has been for many years – paper.
          Equipped with pencil, paper, cutter and glue she sets out to appropriate the
          world around her and transform it into artworks. On the occasion of Marion
          Eichmann’s exhibition “Cash” at DavisKlemmGallery, Erika Davis-Klemm (EDK)
          spoke with Marion Eichmann. (ME).

          EDK: Marion, your exhibition “Cash” brings together your paper collages and
          vending machines.  Your paper collages have been a central part of your oeu-
          vre for many years, whereas the vending machines are relatively new. What
          was your first vending machine and what intrigued you to explore this topic?

          ME: Actually, vending machines appeared in my works at any early stage. Du-
          ring and directly after my studies, vending machines were in my drawings. On
          my project trip to Tokyo I was particularly fascinated by vending machines for
          fingernails and for hot drinks in cans.

          During my first longer stay in New York vending machines also played a role.
          The topic “to go”, “coffee to go”, really everything “to go” was an incentive
          for me to pursue “the world of vending machines” in coffee shops. A routine
          of daily visual analyses began in which I drew on paper every machine, every
          button, switch and cabel – basically every small detail.

          In the course of time my works became more spatial. At first, I sketched what I
          saw on a surface, on a plane. Later I wanted my drawings to go beyond being
          flat. I wanted them to become three-dimensional.

          I literally started constructing them for my project “Laundromat” in 2016/17.
          For this project I built a complete laundromat – including washing machines
          fire extinguishers, buckets, clock, door, packages of detergent and vending
          machines for beverages. That kept me busy for a year.

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